Overhaul of gearbox

MPR Truck-Parts BV has specialized over the years in the field of refurbished gearboxes
MPR has Full range of gearboxes in stock, but also many used gearboxes. In the unlikely event that a bin is not in stock, we often have a quick and affordable solution. MPR stands for a high quality overhaul with, of course, warranty on the entire gearbox! Do you have a gearbox that does not turn smoothly or makes noises? DO NOT WAIT !! You may need a Vehicle for Repair or overhaul.

With us you get a standard 1 Year warranty regardless of mileage and / or type of car.

Gearbox overhaul is a time-consuming job which sometimes takes 3 days to complete. The costs of the revision are divided into approximately 50% of wages and 50% of material. A new gearbox is often 2 to 3 times as expensive as what we count for a revision. Because we have a lot of experience with the overhaul, the prices are low and the quality is high
During a Gearbox / Differential / Or gearbox covers, after disassembly all very accurately for wear, Their operation and or damage. We also do preventive replacement! Through years of experience, there are a number of vulnerable parts that are mounted as a precaution to ensure quality
We can also take care of the installation and removal of an approved DAF Specialist! this often reduces the risk of repetitive repairs
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